Monogrammed Knobs

Photos by Haute Deco

Haute Decor company has launched new Monograms knobs.  Signature knobs can be personalized with engraved monograms, family crest or any other design. Clients’ artwork can be engraved by engravers skilled in the fine art of traditional hand engraving. Almost any subject can be engraved; from monograms to family crests, contemporary coats of arms or company logos.


Maira has written and illustrated Eighteen children's books and is a regular contributor to The New York Magazine. 

Maira Kalman was born in Tel Aviv and moved to New York with her family at the age of four. She was raised in bucolic Riverdale, the Bronx. She now lives in Manhattan. 


Steel Canvas Laundry Baskets 

Since Steel Canvas Basket opened in 1921, the company's main customers have industrial; you'll notice its baskets at construction sites, in mail rooms, even on fishing boats, overflowing with the catch of the day. "Plastic breaks; canvas doesn't," says co-owner Paul Lordan. 

Laundry Room by RC CABINETS & CLOSETS for this North Shore Lake Tahoe home is designed for this triple laundry basket from Steel Canvas of Cambridge, Massachusetts.


A Better Bookshelf

Organized book shelving with custom-wrapped books displayed in different fashions of size, color , subject on the shelves create a special bookshelf.

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Custom Bookshelf and Bookshelves of Sonoma and Santa Rosa RC Cabinets & Closets



New Walk In Closet in the elite gated community of Blackhawk Country Club in Danville California.

Malka created with the inspiration of the clients beautifully decorated home a modern Chrome painted and High Quality US made Melamine for this ultimate in closet design. The client had the stone counters installed to complete the look along with hand selected knobs and pulls. 


Custom Garage Cabinets Sonoma County & Santa Rosa

Clean up your garage from messy shelving or no shelving to Neat Garage Cabinets from RC Cabinets & Closets of Sonoma County and Santa Rosa Area. Custom and high quality US made materials. 

A Before and After garage cabinet.

The metal shelvings are nice enough to keep things off the floor, but do not have enough shelving to keep anyone well organized. Plus they are not built high enough to accommodate most storage in garages for most families in the Bay Area.

It is safer to have more shelves to keep less items on each shelf to access than to have your items piled up on each other and then have them all fall over trying to get that bottom item you need that moment. Keep less used items higher up and most used items at your eye level with the heavier items on the lowest shelf. 

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